A Bouncy Adventure is the second episode in season one

Plot Edit

Everyone is bouncy today,so Hatty invites everyone a bouncy adventure by Hatty's hat.

They visit Bouncy Land,and Ruff-Ruff bounces the highest.Then, Tweet finds a ball that's bouncy.Soon, the ball knocks over Hatty's hat.They went on bouncy mats,and a bouncy house.The soggy sand pit stopped the ball from bouncing.Meanwhile, Hatty chased after his hat and it is stuck in a tree a it is not high enough to reach it.

Ruff-Ruff bounces the highest, so he tries to bounce really high, but the grass isn't bouncy enough. So, they use the bouncy house and Ruff-Ruff managed to reach Hatty's hat. 


  • This is the first time a bouncy house is seen
  • It is revealed that Ruff-Ruff can bounce the highest 
  • This is the first and only episode Hatty's hat gets stuck a tree